LTFB-NN Nylon Filter Bag


•Paint coating line filtration
•Coarse filtering
•Anticorrosive paint
•Cutting fluid
•Recycled water filtration

•Nylon Series Monofilament liquid Filter Bag is constructed with monofilament media woven from single-fiber threads to provide uniform.

•With fixed aperture, provide surface retention filtration from 25UM-1250UM and can effectively intercept all kinds of hard larger particles. At the same time Nylon material can resist higher operating temperature, fiber is not easily deformed and has good tensile strength.

•All of our nylon filter bags are industry standard sized to fit your filtration system. Monofilament Nylon Filter Bag has the characteristics of high rate, and it is suitable for the occasions where the filtration accuracy is not high, mainly used to filter out large particle impurities, such as filtering large particles of impurities, pre-filtration, and coarse filtration.


•Paint coating line filtration
•Coarse filtering
•Anticorrosive paint
•Cutting fluid
•Recycled water filtration

Features and Benefits

•Mesh structure with fixed pore size, fixed value filtration, with good stability
•Good welding technology, not easy be deformed,with high tensile strength
•Ideal for solid particle removal with good efficiency
•Strengthen the outer edge sealing to make the seal structure more stable
•Full size1, size2, size3, size4 bags are available for customer's actual operating environment
•Suitable for high viscosity boring and hard particulate impurities filtration
•Plastic sealing rings, durable stainless steelrings and carbon steelrings can be selected for customers application with good sealing performance.
•Other design can be provided according to customer's actual operating environment
•Wide chemical compatibility

Technical Specifications

Model Surface area (㎡) OD(mm) Length (mm) Strong Acid Weak Base Strong Base Solvent 170℃
size1 0.25 180 420 ×
size2 0.5 180 810 ×
size3 0.09 102 230 ×
size4 0.16 102 410 ×

Ordering Information

LTFB-NN -N -1 -25 -PE
Product Filter Media Size Removal Rating Ring Material
LTFB-NN Nylon Filter Bag N=Nylon 1=Size 1

2=Size 2

3=Size 3

4=Size 4

5=Size 5








PE=Plastic E Type Ring

PF=Plastic F Type Ring

S=Stainless Steel

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