1. Large Volume Parenteral (LVP): Commonly known as large infusion, refers to the volume of ≥50ml and directly by intravenous infusion into the body of liquid sterilization preparations.
2. Small Volume Parenteral (SVP): Commonly known as water needle , a preparation of a medicine prepared as a solution (water or non-water), suspension, or emulsion in an ampoule or multi-dose container.
3. TCM injection is a sterilized preparation made from the effective substance extracted from natural medicines and can be injected into the body. The raw materials of TCM injection are extracted from plants, rich in a variety of plant proteins, polysaccharides, colloidal particles, etc., and the components and impurities are much more complex than chemical medicine. Therefore, higher requirements for filtration are put forward. 
4. Lyophilized powder injection; It is to freeze the medicine solution in a sterile environment, "mix" the medicine substance in some auxiliary materials or dissolve in some solvents, and make different forms of preparation after certain processing.
5. Powder injection: it is a powder which is formed by disinfection and drying after mixing medicine and reagents. It can be divided into powder injection and lyophilized powder injection.

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