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The Preparation process and principle of ultrapure water

The preparation of ultrapure water mainly includes the following three stages: initial adsorption filtration stage, reverse osmosis purification stage and resin ion exchange stage.
The conductivity is less than 20uS/cm
The resistivity is greater than 10MQ-cm
Pressure difference less than 0.1mpa

Ultrafiltration vs. Microfiltration

Ultrafiltration vs. Microfiltration, Which Process Should You Choose For Your Application?

Selection of sterilizing filter

Sterilizing and filtering is a very important sterilizing method in pharmaceutical production. For non-final sterilization injection,
it is even the only means to remove microorganisms from the product. For drug manufacturers, how to select sterilizing filter should be considered first.

Filter element classification

Filter element is divided into: air filter element, water (liquid) filter element, oil filter element;

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